Date of Birth: 9.12.2001
Breeder: Anja Rajala, kennel Fireheart
Owner: Laura Tiitinen
Nicknames: Fanni, Fannuska, Binkku, Fantsu
Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Height: 44 cm

Weight: 16,5 kilo's

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Fanni is a toller bitch who has forced her owners to rebuild their opinions of tollers. She is a mixture of peaceful mind and unruliness. Fanni loves running, swimming and retrieving. She likes to retrieve almost everything, but her favourites are red ball, sticks and dummies. The dead craws are not so nice - because they smell bad - but ducks are OK. Fanni hasn't participated any retrieving competitions, not even the basic retrieving test. Anyhow Fanni is ideal dog for working because she is not so short sighted as tollers often are.

The only hobby that has been practised with Fanni is agility. Her agility career has been quite successful. She started to compete at the end of the year 2003 and she competes at the Maxi Class . The competition rights to the highest agility class she got on 5th August 2006. At the class three she has made two clear rounds so far.